Problem with dlink camera

Apr 28, 2015 at 4:39 PM
Thank you very much for your work. I try to use it in my universal app (8.1). But I have an error on Windows Phone with a d-link camera. An error is throw to the app via the Error event => (Problem detecting boundary).

I tryes both ImageDetectionMode.
I have the same error with Auto and ContentLenghtBased and for BoundaryBased it always said me "The specified destination buffer is not large enough to hold the specified number of bytes starting at the specified offset."
Maybe it's a specific d-link problem but on all of my cameras (D-link DCS 932-L) as this issue. Can you help me ?

Edit: I changed a bit the code to prevent the issue by using the BoundaryBased mode but the image has still artefacts
public uint BoundaryChunkSize
            get { return _boundaryChunkSize; }
                _boundaryChunkSize = value;
                if (_boundaryChunkSize > ChunkSize)
                    ChunkSize = _boundaryChunkSize;